27th Rhino Camp Free Paper Submission Guideline

Please add your personal information as requested below and send your abstract file as a word file. The abstract title, authors, institutions, abstract text, references and keywords must be included in accordance in the sample file.

Please click to download the sample file.

Main Topics

1. Head and Neck Diseases and Surgery
2. Facial Plastic Surgery
3. General Ear Nose and Throat Diseases
4. Audiology
5. Otology-Neurootology
6. Pediatric Otolaryngology
7. Rhinology
8. Other

Abstract language is English. But the presentation can be made either in English or in Turkish as the presenter wishes.

Maximum Number of Words
The abstract body should be composed of a minimum 300 words and maximum 800 words excluding authors and references.

Full Text Publication
If you wish the full text of your abstract to be published on congress book, please submit your full text by e-mail at rhinocamp@valor.com.tr The guideline of ENT Updates Journal should be followed.

Please use a minimum 3, maximum 5 keywords.

Minimum 3 references shall be used. For referencing please follow the guideline of ENT Updates Journal which is available at www.entupdates.org

Image / Table
For a better understanding of your abstract, maximum 2 image / table can be used.

The abstracts can be prepared as a 10 minute oral presentation or a electronic poster presentation composed of 10 slides. Electronic posters will be uploaded on the system to be viewed at any time.

Submission Deadline
15 April 2023

Abstract Submission
The abstract should be prepared as a word documents and the file should be named with the presenter name and last name. The abstract title, authors, institutions, abstract text, keywords and references must be included in the file. The presenting author must be underlined.
The full text of your abstract must be prepared in English according to ENT Updates Journal Guideline which is available at www.entupdates.org Please send the full text written accordingly by e-mail at rhinocamp@valor.com.tr and add the subject of this e-mail as ''Rhinocamp - Abstract Full Text''. Abstract title must be written in mail subject.